Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes What is your weapon of choice? Here at Total Sport we stock a wide range of Mountain Bikes from XC and Trail riding to Enduro and Downhill. Mountain Biking is a great way to get out the house and amongst the great outdoors, discover new places and get fit whilst doing so.

Choose a full suspension Mountain Bike if you want to ride more technical terrain, or choose a Downhill Mountain Bike from our NS Bikes range for going downhill.

Hardtail Mountain Bikes have front suspension forks for control but fixed rear suspension. Full suspension bikes can absorb bumps at the front and back.

If you really want to experience technology at its best,  why not get yourself one or our Electric Mountain Bikes, sometimes known as E Bikes. Our E Bikes are the latest in technology, armed with a Bosch electric motor to assist your peddle power to climb the steepest of hills. Normal battery life should last around 6 hours.

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