As specialists of Track Bikes, Helmets and Accessories, we are proud to also be able to offer a good selection of high quality body protection to further enhance the safety of our customers whilst out riding.

Durable safety equipment is of paramount importance for riders, especially the chest area and this is where the RXR Strongflex Limited Body Vest comes into its own. This product provides high performance protection for action sports thanks to the internationally patented Air Shock Absorber technology. This jacket is fully adjustable at the shoulders and via the lateral straps so is flexible enough to support the riders body throughout its range of movements whilst providing optimum levels of safety and comfort. 

The RXR Strongflex caters for all builds and is available in two Junior and Adult sizes in a variety of bright and eye-catching colours including fluorescent orange, lime green, striking red and more. 

When it comes to providing body protection products for bikers we are well known in the industry for supplying cool, comfortable and breathable body protection items at affordable rates. 

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