What is an E-Bike?

An electric bike is a bicycle that uses an electric motor to help with propulsion providing a promising alternative form of urban transportation. Fundamentally, an e-bike is a regular bicycle with the addition of a battery pack and an electric motor to provide additional assistance. With zero emissions and freedom from gridlock they are ideal for people who live or work in a city, looking for an alternative mode of transport to driving or catching a bus or train. They provide all the advantages of a regular bike such as fun and exercise with the added bonus of being faster and cheaper than car or public transport.

Imagine pedaling up a hill as comfortably as riding down, that's what the e-bike experience is all about. You can pedal normally and just use the motor to ease the burden of up hill slopes and headwinds, or use the motor all the time just to make riding easier. You can recharge the battery pack at any time by plugging it into the mains.

A lot of E-bikes feature 3 modes;

  • Pedal only; same as a regular bike
  • Pedal-assisted; the rider pedals with the assistance of the motor.
  • Motor only; the bike does all the work

Some bike designs however are limited to providing powered assistance only when you're pedaling. In other words, you have to still put in some pedal power.

The UK Law on E-Bike Speed Limits

As with vehicle’s there is still a speed limit that e-bikes have to adhere to.  The law states that an electric bicycle has to reduce the power supplied by the motor as the bike's speed approaches 25km/hour (15mph). This doesn't mean that the bike can’t physically go any faster than this, but you will have to speed up under your own steam as the motor will stop helping you (switch off) once it hits the top legal speed it's allowed to operate at.

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