A balance bike, is a training bicycle without pedals or stabilisers with its main aim to help young children learn balance and steering before climbing aboard a larger, two-wheeled pedal bike.

The idea of a balance bike is to learn the consequences of over-steering or over-leaning, in that you will fall off. As stabilisers act as a prevention to these things it can lull children into a false sense of security as they think that by peddling the bike and moving forwards they are ‘riding’ it when in actual fact the real riding comes once the stabilisers are removed. If they haven’t mastered the skill of balancing then they are likely to fall off which is, granted, all part of the learning process however falling off too often may have a detrimental affect in that the child becomes too frightened to get back in the saddle. Generally, children who learn to ride a bike using a balance bike tend to advance onto a pedal bike quicker than those who learn with balancing aids as they have already developed the ability to stay upright.

Although it might take a bit more initial persuasion to get your toddler onto a balance bike as the ‘wobbliness’ can make then nervous, they are in fact much safer and more practical than tricycles and training wheels. Tricycles are slow, awkward to maneuover and can tip over easily on uneven or angled surfaces.

On a balance bike, children are focused on balancing, rather than pedaling. You can eliminate the fear factor of the ‘wobble’ by making sure that the bike is the right size for your child. Their feet should be flat on the floor so that they can sit in comfort with their knees slightly bent. Then once your little one has mastered the act of balancing and with lots of practice at braking and stopping, it will be time to teach them to ride a bike with pedals, and therefore skip the whole stabilisers on/off stage.

So if you feel a Balance Bike could be the way to go for your child, check out our range here.