Decent tyres are one of the most important elements of a rider’s kit so it is key to ensure that they are fit to ride on. Worn out tyres will not only affect your performance but can also cause injury (or worse) as they won’t grip the track effectively. We also offer a vast selection of wheels and tyres to help racers achieve optimum racing performance when on the track.

Uneven knobs, bad inflation and even the wrong compounds making up the tyre all influence how a bike rides which affects the mechanics such as, working the engine harder than necessary or how the shocks respond to the terrain. It is therefore of paramount importance that as a rider you purchase good quality, well-maintained motocross tyres as this could mean the difference between winning and losing a race not to mention protecting your life.

Motocross tyres have a knobby design structure, which vary based on the type of track. Soft loamy dirt, sand and mud require a harder compound rubber tyre composed of taller and wider-spaced knobs that create a paddle effect and keep mud from packing in between the knobs. Whereas firm terrain requires a softer rubber tire that conforms easier to the ground. Knobs are closer together and shorter to prevent flexing which creates a larger contact patch for better grip. In the middle you get intermediate tyres - the most popular selection, as these types of tyres tend to work well in most conditions.

We stock a varied range of Motocross tyres including Pirelli and Blackrock both of which comply to the sports riding requirements. The shelf life of dirt bike tires is approximately 4-5 years after the manufacture date however there are a few visual signs that could indicate that you need new tyres, such as;

  • The rubber is dry, discolored or cracked.
  • The knobs on the tread have become rounded or too short.

These are both telltale signs that it is time to invest in new tyres!