The evenings are starting to get lighter and you are no longer having to de-ice your car in the morning. This can only mean one thing…. Spring is very close, which presents you with the perfect season to get out on your mountain bike and start exploring the great outdoors once again. 

If you’re a seasonal rider you’ve probably been in hibernation mode over the last few months so might be slightly nervous about getting back in the saddle as you don’t feel your fitness levels are up to scratch. Our biggest bit of advice here would be to take it slow. Yes you’ve got an overwhelming desire to get back into shape ready for the summer however goinghard too soon to make up for lost time could have a negative effect. The last thing you want to do is wear yourself out as you will run the risk of injuring yourself which will make the whole experience of riding your bike less enjoyable. 

Our top tip would be to purchase a bike that you feel comfortable with and choose a picturesque route that allows you to take a leisurely ride through the hills, taking in the beauty of your natural surrounding. Set yourself a goal, perhaps a charity cycle or just a personal target of reaching a certain distance in a certain time and build up your strength and stamina. Each time you go out you’ll find yourself getting fitter and fitter and your passion for cycling will come flooding back. 

One of our most popular mountain bikes is the Ragley Marley complete Hardtail bike. At the affordable price of only £899.99 it is designed for bikers who enjoy riding with the saddle up as much as their saddle down as this trail friendly bike is created for exploration, adventure and play – perfect for those just getting back in the saddle.