Quite simply, there’s no such thing as too much protection when it comes to your head – especially when you’re riding in an event. This is why we have a vast selection of helmets designed for the rigors of motocross that will appeal to everyone from professional racers to casual riders.

In case of an accident a helmet is designed to absorb the impact of a collision to protect your brain. With this in mind, is of paramount importance that the material of the helmet is lightweight, tough and made from crack resistant fibers.

Comfort if then another key element to consider as you will be wearing it the whole time that you are riding. It should feel soft on the inside where it touches your skull and full-face helmets are the safest however not always the most practical. Some riders prefer the half face option as they still offer great protection but give a fuller view of the track.

A good example of a full-face helmet is the UFO Interceptor Red Demon Helmet 2016 which has been constructed with a complex ventilation system, the Multi Vent System (M.V.S.) positioned towards the front are numerous air vents that direct fresh air to the head, the interior in EPS is canalized for a perfect distribution of the airflow. The heat inside the helmet is dissipated by 3 vents on the upper part of the helmet, which are capable of extraction even with a low flow of air, and by two large vents located towards the lower back of the helmet. This guarantees complete air circulation.