Top 5 Tips to a faster Kart ride...

Mad Max Buggy Off Road Electric Go Kart 48v 1kw Rocker Black

  1. Relax and trust your cart 
    The kart chassis needs to be able to flex in order to handle well and this can’t happen if the driver in sat rigid. Relax your body; trust your car and your skill and the kart will grip better being you can push the throttle for a faster ride.

  2. Sit back 
    Car manufacturers spend a lot of money trying to design a car with the perfect balance so it can be handled effectively at speed. When a driver leans forward the centre of gravity is shifted which can result in the kart skidding or loosing speed. By sitting back in the seat the centre of gravity is where it should be meaning the kart can move around the track with ease. 

  3. Don’t lean in on the bends 
    Resist your natural urge to lean as this actually slows when you hit the corners and you will want to keep up your momentum during the whole race if you are to win. Karts have a solid rear axle meaning the back wheels are locked together. This is so that when they corner the karts geometry is set up to effectively lift one front wheel so the kart can lean onto the other front wheel and allow the inside back wheel to lift off the tarmac. By leaning, you actually counter the designed lift and thus make it more difficult to corner.

  4. Exit with power 
    The exit is more important that the entry so make sure you go at the corner with enough speed to get you round comfortably but add a little more power so you can exit quickly and onto the straight where you can speed along a feel the adrenaline rush.

  5. Change your style for wet driving 
    A kart finds it very difficult to corner in the wet so try to steer with the throttle and the back wheels will slide around the corner. The best way to achieve this is to brake in a straight line on the approach to the corner, use the steering wheel to put on plenty of lock – and don’t panic when the kart just keeps going straight on. As you enter the corner, gently ease the accelerator down and the rear wheels will start to loosen which enable the under-steering front wheels to turn the kart. This will take practice, as you need to find the perfect balance. Too much acceleration will result in a spin whereas too little will bring you to a halt or crash.

Before committing to purchasing your own kart then you may wish to try a kart at a commercially operated track as these will loan you the kart and all the equipment you need to get some practice in. Or if you are ready to treat yourself to your own cart we have a selection that you can view here.