Protection to a rider’s body is key when participating in this sport. With this is mind we now offer a selection of top quality branded Knee Guards from Alpinstars and UFO to help protect a riders legs.

UFO Knee/Shin Guards offer some of the most durable and versatile options on the market. The high quality form fitting injected plastic UFO Full Flex Knee Guard provides full knee to shin coverage using a three cups hinge system. Two large adjustable straps keep the pad in place whilst a vented shell helps keep the legs cool for ultimate comfort. One of the best sellers where Alpinestars are concerned is the Knee Protectors Bionic SX with its asymmetrical, anatomic design that grants high levels of mobility whilst riding. The advanced, streamlined guard is structured to provide exceptional coverage to the knee, shin and lower thigh using lightweight, highly breathable construction materials to ensure it remains comfortable throughout a full day of riding.

We are well-known within the industry for understanding the specific requirements of our customers by supplying knee guards that serve the optimum purpose. Professional bikers who take part in competitions can also rely on us for a wide range of other biking materials and kit including helmets, boots, goggles and more, all of which can be found across the pages of our online store on this website.

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